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Queen of South Season 6: Are We Going To Watch Another Season?

Queen Of The South Season 6 Updates: Are you confused whether Queen of the South is getting back with a season 6 or is season 5 the last one on Netflix? Well, we are here to clarify your doubts about the season 6 details of Queen of the South.

Season 5 of Queen of the South has complete and the admirers are very eagerly waiting for another season now!! So, here we are going to learn whether there is another season. On the 7th of Apr 2021, the fifth season of Queen of the South was released. Literally, this series was released in the year 2016 and it means it has been nearly 6 years and still, its craze is going on and from this we can expect that how strong this series was actually, and it has victoriously completed the five seasons so far and the admirers are waiting for the season 6. The admirers are confused a lot about when Queen of South Season 6 is going to come or is canceled, they are confused about this information.

What is Queen of the South Season 6 Actually About??

After Teresa’s boyfriend gets murdered she then goes to Mexico. Teresa wants to take revenge for her boyfriend’s murder and she wishes to become the country’s top drug smuggler.

The story of Queen of the South would actually be about Teresa Mendoza and how she actually manages to become so powerful and how she takes the revenge of her murderer boyfriend. She builds her own, she ran from the Mexican cartel, survived in American, and built everything on her own, her power, status, and everything. This literally moves around the novel “La Reina Del Sur” it is written by the author Arturo Perez-Reverte.

Release Date Information

Till now there are only five seasons of Queen of the South released and the admirers are waiting for season 6 to come. But we are so sorry to say that the series Queen of the South is going to get back with Season 6.

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