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Sarah Jessica Parker Spotted Filming for New Series

Sarah Jessica Parker Updates: Who doesn’t like the chemistry between Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte in Sex and the City. So guess what they are returning with its new spinoff series named ‘And Just Like That’.

And this is going to star Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw. She was recently spotted filming for the series with some new cast and crew.

The original series Sex and The City is an HBO Max series that was directed by Darren Star. But the upcoming spinoff series will also be directed by the same Darren Star. This series will work as a revival of the previous series and also the same cast is returning.

Recently Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted with her new love interest Jon Tenney on the set of ‘And Just Like That…’ This was quite surprising because we are going to expect that old Mr. Big who was played by Chris Noth will not be returning. So as for these, we might expect some changes and plot twists in the series.

Sarah Jessica Parker: New Series

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In one of the photos from the set Sarah is pictured wearing a tan floral print maxi dress with a pink blazer on top while hunched over hysterically laughing. Jon appeared next to her, also laughing, while wearing a pair of fitted dark wash jeans and a navy blue blazer.

And also there is a second photo from the set in which she was spotted wearing ‘lehenga with a crop top. And Jon appeared in black pants, a flannel button-down shirt, and a green jacket. Both of them are looking serious in the photo.

Back in August, Sarah posted a slideshow of photos from Carrie and Big’s apartment while filming. The photos from the apartment were captioned, “Backlot. Stage. Married domicile. They build. They shoot.

They make sure the story is heard. They make our day. X, SJ.” In the photos, you can see the round blue ottoman and round wooden foyer table, plus, the gray patterned wallpaper which fans remember from the movies.

Besides all these fans are happy to see Sarah and Big together in the series we will be seeing their chemistry as a plot so fans are double excited about all these.

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