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Slater Young Looks *A Lot* Like ‘Squid Game’ Star Lee Jung Jae And We Cannot Unsee It

With the huge success of Netflix’s Squid Game around the world, the internet is filled with trivia and memes related to it this week. The drama has taken over our lives and became an iconic show, and we’re definitely not complaining. Now here’s a new ~discovery~ just for you: We found Lee Jung Jae‘s lookalike and it’s Slater Young!

Remember that scene in episode one when Gi Hoon (Lee Jung Jae) smiled in front of the camera before he entered the game’s venue? The resemblance is uncanny (and the smile is infectious) with this photo from Slater’s “I Challenged My Dad” YouTube video! On Twitter, one netizen shared her feelings about Slater’s *duality*: “Grabeang galing gumanap ni Slater Young sa Squid Game.”


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The engineer and Pinoy Big Brother winner has acknowledged his similarity with the veteran Korean actor, and he even promoted the psychological thriller on his Twitter account:


And to make more Squid Game fans happy, Slater even imitated the exact Gi Hoon photo as seen on his IG post! He captioned it with: “Thank you so much for supporting Squid Game! Trending tayo, guys.” Looking forward to a red hair transformation, Slater! LOL.


While we’re here, we’d also like to share Sam YG‘s post about his Squid Game lookalike, Anupam Tripathi or Ali, in the drama. What do you guys think? We can’t get over it!


You can watch episodes of Squid Game on Netflix.


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