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Steve Downs: Where is Diane Downs Ex-Husband Now?

’20/20’s’ coverage of Diane Downs as well as the activities that led her to be sentenced to life behind bars is a good portrayal of what truly occurred. But, we can not discover but aid that a few essential people of her “household,” so to speak, didn’t give those informative meetings. As well as, one of them was her ex-husband, the papa of the kids that Diane had shot. What’s more fascinating is that even after Diane became the prime suspect as well as shed safekeeping of her surviving kids, or when she was founded guilty, the youngsters didn’t go live with Steve; they were taken on by the lead prosecutor in Diane’s case.

That Is Steve Downs?

Back in Phoenix, Arizona, in Moon Valley High School, Steve Downs fulfilled Elizabeth Diane for the very first time. After graduating high institution, Steve went on to join the Navy, as well as Diane, having a strict religious history, was sent to the Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College.

Diane’s moms and dads had high hopes for her future, a future that really did not involve Steve, so they their connection. However, when Diane came back to Arizona, both unified, as well as soon, on November 13, 1973, to be specific, the couple got married. Diane, 18, had actually run away from house to do so. But, their marital relationship was far from what either of them had anticipated. It is stated that their union was loveless and that Steve was a gamer who was additionally rather untrustworthy and also premature periodically.

Their very first youngster, Christie Ann, was birthed in 1974. Steve was the one that left Diane since he thought that Stephen Daniel, understood as Danny, was the result of an adulterous event that Diane had. As well as, when she got assigned to the mail paths in the city of Cottage Grove, Oregon, as a part of her job with the U.S. postal solution, he didn’t have any kind of agitations with her taking the children.

Where Is Steve Downs Now?

When Diane had failed to mention it herself, he even informed them that she had bought a. 22 caliber shotgun in Arizona, just before she had left for Oregon. Since he was in possession of a similar gun, he was a suspect as well, but, when the ballistics did not match, Diane Downs quickly became the prime suspect.

Within a few weeks, a judge had placed the surviving kids, Christie and Danny, in protective custody. It is said that they didn’t go to Steve because he wasn’t a fit father or well equipped to take care of children who had gone through such a traumatic experience.

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