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Stock Commentary: Citicore REIT’s plan to grow capacity by 430%

Merkado Barkada

February 4, 2022 | 8: 30am

Citicore REIT [CREIT 2.55 pre-IPO] held a discussion with COL Financial [COL 3.99 2.44%] the day gone by, where the firm zoomed in on its long-length of time kind plans to assemble some insight into how the REIT could per chance well well develop beyond the submit-IPO land acquisition that we’ve already discussed (and which is already baked into the 2022 and 2023 projected financials).

– The high-stage procedure: CREIT’s guardian firm, Citicore Renewable Energy Corp (CREC), will use the proceeds of the CREIT IPO to fund form of over 1.5 gigawatts (GW; the same to 1,500 megawatts) of renewable vitality skill over the next 5 years, and this portfolio will act as CREIT’s doable infusion pipeline for the foreseeable future. 

– The rapid length of time: CREIT could per chance well well obtain the opportunity to develop 121 MW of solar skill from CREC as soon as the initiatives are performed within the year, an 83% amplify in skill. 

– How about 2023 and 2024? Longer-length of time, the procedure is to continually win productive initiatives into CREIT on an annual basis; subsequent year, in 2023, CREIT plans to add 195 MW (a 73% amplify over 2022), and it plans to add one other 319 MW in 2024 (a 69% amplify over 2023’s total). By the quit of 2024, CREIT proposes that it could well in all probability well well obtain up to 780 MW of skill in its portfolio. That’s a 5x amplify from the 145 MW that this can obtain after the IPO. 

– What relating to the yield? As I lined the day gone by, CREIT anticipates that its yield will initiating at 7%, however climb to 7.4% in 2023 thanks to some accounting outcomes (no longer due to extra income). It’s no longer but trudge precisely how CREIT anticipates these additions will impression income, bills, or the following dividend, so I can’t reveal how this procedure will impression the yield. All REITs will strive to assemble acquisitions which will seemingly be “yield-accretive”, which is factual admire finance-talk for “yield-boosting”. 

– Future variables: Indulge in each plans, the extra into the future we seek for, the extra variables pop up to assemble our projections much less certain. There are a range of open questions, however right here are factual about a that every REIT investor needs to be asking quietly slow their suggestions: What resources will CREC infuse into CREIT? Will it switch excellent the land to CREIT to rent to the operating renewable vitality facility, or will it also switch ownership of the facility as properly? How will CREC infuse these resources into CREIT? Will CREIT choose out debt against its deposited land to desire the resources from CREC, or will CREC and CREIT own a shares-for-resources swap? What extra or much less rate will CREIT “pay” for the resources (whether in cash or shares)? Will any events out of doorways of CREIT’s or CREC’s management lengthen the anticipated timeline, devour the lengthen that CREIT has had to bear in having its IPO permitted by the PSE? It’s no longer odd that we don’t know this recordsdata but, however the solutions to these questions could per chance well well obtain a massive originate on the price of each injection to shareholders.


CREIT also can very properly be a REIT, however that doesn’t suggest that it has to be tiring.

That is an aggressive procedure, devour SPNEC’s procedure to design 10 GW of solar skill thru joint ventures with the massive boys, and devour SPNEC’s procedure, CREIT’s procedure is calm factual that: a procedure.

That’s a long-winded formula of announcing that plans, at handiest, are factual estimates of walk, and that the right price of a procedure comes from its faithful and precise execution. Can CREIT (and CREC) attain the procedure that they’ve proven us?

On the one hand, there are fewer external dependencies to CREIT’s procedure as as compared to SPNEC, since SPNEC’s procedure requires the participation and cooperation of vitality gamers devour AC Energy [ACEN 9.50] and AboitizPower [AP 34.20] to design the initiatives together with SPNEC’s bear in-home sources.

CREIT’s procedure is extra self-contained, in that the sources required to attain are mostly within the disclose management of CREIT, CREC, and the same ownership community.

On the replace hand, devour the SPNEC procedure, it’s no longer straight trudge (from this vantage point a long time removed from the massive happenings in the procedure) how shareholders will feel relating to the gritty cramped print of each switch or transaction after they in actuality own happen.

Certain, that will seemingly be a actually conservative formula of getting a seek for on the future, however that’s factual my formula of thinking as soon as I’m evaluating investments for the long-length of time.

I’m hoping this helps spherical out my analysis of CREIT’s offering, since I have confidence my writeup the day gone by didn’t contact on this angle of future increase sufficient to own the final procedure handsome justice.

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