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Stock Commentary: Quick takes from around the market

Merkado Barkada

February 11, 2022 | 8: 20am

MSCI rebalancing [link] didn’t result in any additions or deletions for the three indices (World Usual, Tiny Cap and Micro Cap), correct changes within the weighting of the stocks already within the indices. The weighting changes will salvage attain after the terminate on February 28.

PEZA [link] aloof pushing for 100% work-from-home for IT-BPO sector till mid-September; currently, the work-from-home cap is at 90%. Approval of the change would perchance well well suppress industrial lease interrogate for developers and present REITs.

Kepwealth [KPPI 3.97 42.29%] [link] almost hit the ceiling on 7x the stock’s moderate day-to-day volume for the past 30 days. No news. No rumors, except you count the outmoded rumor of a Resort Sogo backdoor play that has followed KPPI spherical since its miraculous put up-IPO performance serve in 2019. Round Christmas I’d heard issues had been going down, nonetheless that chatter died down over the past month and I assumed it changed into as soon as tiresome. Rumor serve on?

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