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‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ Episode 6 Recap And Review: Dave Filoni To The Rescue

The E book Of Boba Fett remains to be amazing as a stealth Mandalorian sequence.

Credit score: Disney / Lucasfilm

Final week’s episode of The Mandalorian—er, The E book Of Boba Fett was prominent.

Largely, that’s because it was all about Mando (Pedro Pascal) moderately than Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) no subject this being a display ostensibly relating to the older bounty hunter. Boba Fett venerable to be the coolest bounty hunter in Well-known person Wars, now I’m no longer even sure he makes the end 5.

On this week’s episode we catch two of the most badass bounty hunters: Mando, again, as he searches for Child Yoda; and the gross bounty hunter, Cad Bane—a ruthless, chilly-blooded killer from the Clone Wars and The Unpleasant Batch voiced right here but again by Corey Burton.

This episode was even better than perfect week’s for every form of reasons, however on a truly private stage it was the return of Luke Skywalker, but again, and his interactions with Grogu. Written and directed by Clone Wars creator Dave Filoni (who co-created The Mandalorian with Jon Favreau) Chapter 6 takes this display to a whole recent stage.

As soon as extra, we catch Mando—however we catch loads of other characters from the wider Well-known person Wars universe besides.

Mando heads to an unnamed woodland planet the build he meets some veteran friends. R2-D2:


Credit score: Lucasfilm

And Ashoka Tano (Rosario Dawson):

Mando and Ashoka

Credit score: Lucasfilm

He’s right here to stare Grogu and elevate him his Beskar metal gift, however Ashoka tells him that he has to make a different. If he sees Grogu, he’ll disrupt the shrimp man’s practicing. Grogu’s ability to stay composed from household can be tested and potentially his practicing can be stopped in its tracks, and there can be nothing Luke can fabricate to salvage it.

She provides, in its build, to command the gift for him.

“Nonetheless I’ve approach all this design!” Mando says, his recount brittle with disappointment. “I enticing wish to stare him.”

Miserable Mando. Within the end, he chooses no longer to stare his baby, flying off in his admire Naboo N-1 Starfighter whereas Grogu appears on from afar, making this expression:

Child Yoda

Credit score: Lucasfilm

K enticing end it with the cuteness, Grogu. Sheesh.

Luke Skywalker Trains Child Yoda

Luke and Grogu

Credit score: Disney / Lucasfilm

Talking of cute, the complete section with Luke and Grogu was comely however additionally greater than that. For me, it was a shrimp bit admire being a baby again, extra so even than the end of The Mandalorian’s second season, when Luke exhibits up to assign the day.

Right here we’ve the inverse of Luke’s practicing with Yoda on Dagobah. A complete lifetime later. The Empire Strikes Help came out the yr earlier than I was born (1980, I was born June of 1981). That is the build we first meet Yoda in his swamp and he teaches Luke to “Mark or fabricate no longer, there isn’t any strive.”

I was two years veteran when Return Of The Jedi came out and spent my childhood looking out at and rewatching those motion pictures. When I was very younger I by no methodology really wished recent motion pictures within the Well-known person Wars universe, however as I bought older and browse some comics and books, I began to surprise why there weren’t extra motion pictures about these characters. What did Luke and Leia and Han Solo fabricate after winning the struggle in opposition to the Empire? What came subsequent?

Well, George Lucas had other plans. He wished prequels. He wished to drench them in CGI and uninteresting discussions about trade embargos and dry politics. He had some staunch tips woven at some level of the prequel motion pictures, however largely as a teen and younger man, I was crushed by the prequels.

I discovered a brand recent hope when A Power Awakens came out. It was far from perfect, however it surely felt admire the Well-known person Wars I remembered as a baby. Intellectual effects, a humorousness, the staunch comely at some level of. If only it had been adopted by two extra motion pictures that enriched the complete characters that movie launched and gave fans what they’d been hoping for all these years.

As a substitute, the sequel trilogy was disjointed, rushed and by no methodology felt admire it had any proper motive. I loved the transformation and redemption of Kylo Ren, however every other character bought the short end of the stick—and if I desire a truly staunch redemption legend, I’m able to enticing rewatch Avatar: The Final Airbender.

Even The Power Awakens feels week in hindsight. The repetitive Death Well-known person residing. The indisputable truth that they’d to rip all the pieces staunch from Han Solo and Leia—their marriage, their son, their happiness. Han loss of life admire that. Luke going out in The Final Jedi (which I loved for some reasons and hated for others).

The level is, as of late’s episode of The E book of Boba Fett stroke a chord in my memory why I fell in like with Well-known person Wars to launch with. It gave us Luke Skywalker in his high—a Jedi Grasp, earlier than his transfomration to defeated hermit within the sequels, however after his “hero’s creep” within the fashioned trilogy. Right here he was practicing Grogu, enticing as Yoda professional him. A circle was accomplished. I felt a profound pleasure looking out at these scenes.

I won’t lie—I turned moderately emotional. It greatly surprised me. This felt admire coming house to one thing I didn’t know I’d left, or that had left me. Looking at Luke dawdle with Grogu on his aid, leaping and flipping. Looking at Child Yoda dispute with the floating ball. This hit me loads harder than I anticipated.

I judge it enticing brought me aid to that point as a baby when Well-known person Wars was enticing so essential and thrilling and enticing, earlier than it turned this battleground it’s change into as of late. Now, Well-known person Wars has been subsumed by the culture wars. Now for those that’re a fan who has the relaxation pass to pronounce about The Final Jedi, you’re a troll and potentially a GamerGater; and for those that loved that movie you’re potentially some woke SJW.

We are able to’t enticing like Well-known person Wars anymore. Take care of so unparalleled else, it’s develop accurate into a cultural totem we use to ranking capabilities and argue about Trump. It’s absurd and I’m ill of it, and for this very transient second I was transported aid to a time when none of that existed (for me, no longer no longer up to).

I was a baby again, placing out with Luke Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker

Credit score: Lufasfilm

And my god how the wizards and Industrial Light & Magic catch performed this with Luke is previous me. It’s staggering. I’ve been a sexy harsh critic of the “Uncanny Valley” originate we’ve viewed in previous iterations of Well-known person Wars characters. Moff Tarkin in Rogue One regarded nearly staunch, however enticing off ample to no longer be.

Even in The Mandalorian, Luke felt too stiff. And that wasn’t long within the past in any admire!

Nonetheless right here? Right here he feels proper. He appears and moves and sounds proper. It’s shut ample to perfect that I now really resolve on Lucasfilm to make a Thrawn movie trilogy (or Disney Plus display) with Luke as the major protagonist enticing admire within the books (though substitute them ample to elevate in Askhoka and Bo Katan and other newer characters). It’s a thrilling prospect—if largely wishful pondering.

From The Desolate tract Comes A Stranger

Cad Bane

Credit score: Disney / LucasFilm

In assorted areas, the struggle over Tatooine’s future heats up. The Pyke Syndicate isn’t messing round. They don’t really care about gaining opt an eye fixed on over Mos Espa so unparalleled as they fabricate opt an eye fixed on over their spice routes—and the relaxation, or someone, who stands of their manner.

The episode opens with but one other familiar face from The Mandalorian: Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens:

Cobb Vanth

Credit score: Disney / Lucasfilm

Merely kidding! It’s Cobb Vanth, the Marhsal of Mos Pelgo—now called Freetown beneath Vanth’s stewardship.

Vanth doesn’t expend kindly to a community of Pykes loading up a container of spice in his territory and tells them to make admire a tree and catch the hell out of there. As soon as they draw blasters in its build, he makes short work of three of the four. The fourth he enables to dwell, however only after unloading the spice.

“That is price greater than your metropolis,” the Pyke sneers. “Perchance I’ll retire, then,” Vanth shoots aid.

Later, when Boba Fett and his minions are discussing the Pyke Syndicate’s burgeoning chance, Mando arrives and says he knows the build to catch some muscle. He goes to Freetown and tries to enlist Vanth and his folk, who catch their very private reasons to desire the Pykes long gone.

When Mando leaves, the titular ‘stranger’ from the episode’s title exhibits up.

The blue-faced alien is none other than Cad Bane, undoubtedly some of the essential fearsome, frightful and snide bounty hunters within the Well-known person Wars galaxy—precisely the roughly badass all americans was looking out at for Boba Fett to be, however worse.

Cod Bane

Credit score: Lucasfilm

In truth, Dave Filoni had a complete Clone Wars arc labored out for Bane and Fett, the build Bane would jabber a younger Boba Fett the systems of the bounty hunter as his apprentice following his father, Jango’s loss of life at the palms of Mace Windu. This was by no methodology assign to display, though Fennec Shand and Cad Bane had a showdown in The Unpleasant Batch.

Now, it appears we’ll catch the Boba Fett / Cad Bane face-off we by no methodology knew we wished. Sadly, it comes after a sexy tragic gunfight in Freetown.

Bane exhibits up making threats. His recent employer—the Pyke Synidicate—is flexing its muscle. Bane makes it determined he’s no longer there to focus on. He pushes his coat apart, hand hovering over his blaster. You may per chance well well nearly hear the whistling from The Actual, The Unpleasant and the Gruesome play over the drifting sand.

Vanth’s deputy draws first, forcing Vanth to draw besides. Bane is sooner than both of them. Each and each males drop to the dirt, though it’s no longer totally determined if they’re dumb or no longer. We don’t catch loads of character deaths in Well-known person Wars however I judge it’s that you may well well presumably judge of Timothy Olyphant is per chance no longer reprising this selection.

“Tatooine belongs to the syndicate,” Bane growls. “As long as the spice keeps flowing, all americans can be left by myself.”

Help in Mos Espa, a pair of Pykes scurry into the Sanctuary. The cantina’s owner, Garsa Fwip (Jennifer Beals) eyes them worriedly—and with staunch reason. They leave and a second later the arena blows up. We’re entering into Narcos territory right here, with the Syndicate taking on the feature of Pablo Escobar’s cartel.

Subsequent week is the sequence finale of The E book Of Boba Fett, and we’ll gaze the build the chips drop. It’s been an odd display, transitioning from one thing accurate into a pre-season Mandalorian within the home of two episodes—no longer that I’m complaining. It’s enticing bizarre and I’m no longer sure what the level of doing it this design was, must you may well well presumably also really catch saved Mando and Grogu and Luke for The Mandalorian’s third season in its build.

A Resolution Of Weapons

Luke provides Grogu a different

Credit score: Lucasfilm / Disney

Whereas issues are heating up on Tatooine, Luke and Grogu are aloof practicing on the woodland planet the build Luke’s droids are building a brand recent Jedi college.

Luke exhibits Grogu the gift Mando brought for him: Mithril mail!—er, sorry, a Beskar Steel shirt of chainmail that Grogu will develop out of in a few hundred extra years.

Nonetheless Luke doesn’t give him the armor. As a substitute, he provides him a different. He whips out Yoda’s comely shrimp lightsaber and tells him that he has to catch interaction from it and Mando’s gift.

If he chooses the laser sword, he’ll change into Luke’s first student at his recent Jedi academy. If he chooses the Beskar, nonetheless, he’ll return as Mando’s foundling and by no methodology be professional within the systems of the Power.

Grogu’s recent sword.

Credit score: Lucasfilm

That is, but again, all relating to the Jedi and their insistence on no longer forming attachments, which is roughly rich given how shut Luke is to Leia and Han Solo and Chewbaccas and C-3PO and R2-D2. Luke has loads of guests and household who he’d happily shatter or die for, however Grogu isn’t allowed to receive a gift from Mando?

Granted, right here’s all over practicing, so I explain assorted principles be aware. And Luke makes a truly staunch level: Grogu will dwell loads of of years. A short time for him is a lifetime for Luke or Mando. He can also very well by no methodology gaze Mando again if he trains with Luke. On the different hand, if he goes with Mando he’ll outlive him by centuries and forego his Jedi practicing.

The episode ends earlier than we catch of venture to stare which different he makes. Perchance we won’t uncover until The Mandalorian airs. Perchance we’ll uncover subsequent week. As unparalleled as it trouble me, sticking with the Jedi is clearly the staunch different and the most fetch choice for the shrimp man. Nonetheless it’s sad.

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