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The Morning Show Season 2 Was Written But COVID Hits

The Morning Show Season 2 Updates: The creators said in an interview with a famous TV channel that they had prepared the movie’s script but then suddenly Covid-19 hits and what they call Hollywood has left them “broken”.

This show was about the news reporter with the great cast as Jennifer Aniston and Resse Witherspoon.

The show cast on famous MeToo scandal which got good limelight during its time and now directors are planning to put Covid-19 period in the upcoming season as the plot of the story then it might help audience to relate to them.

This show was specially been released on Apple’s new OTT platform Apple . Which in itself is a success for the show.

During it also got some MeToo activists triggered because of Portrayal of this was in a sarcastic way which somehow offended them.

This show is inspired by Bryan Stelter’s Book:- Top Of The Morning- Inside The Cutthroat World of Morning TV which was published in 2013 and was successful because the story of this book has been picked from real-life events.

All About The Morning Show Season 2

The Morning Show Season 2

It will be good to see how well they manage to refocus the audience on these 2 famous and also controversial topics. The creators and producers believe that they want to show the Audience the real struggle of the world among people outside those who think that everyone except them has got easier life.

They also said they have to shoot some parts of 1st Season in the middle of the pandemic which was a challenge itself. Mainly this shows focus that how morning tv channels force us to keep the focus on the hot topics and their struggle.

The creative team said that they will wait for the review of this 2nd season and then they will think about renewing the show for next season because the show already got broken because of various controversial and healthy topics.

Creators say that they had learned from the previous mistakes so they will try to keep it real and fewer mistakes in the upcoming season.

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