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Today’s ‘Wordle’ Word Of The Day: Sunday January 16th Solution

That is at the present time’s Wordle word of the day solution.

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The contemporary viral word game, Wordle, has taken the field by syntactical storm attributable to its easy and snappy-witted layout.

Of us esteem a appropriate brain-tease, and they esteem it even extra after they’re now now not being flooded by ads, time-gates and micro-transactions.

And so Josh Wardle’s Wordle has change into winning, despite the indisputable fact that it’s now now not winning designed to style oodles of money. Rather, it’s designed to entertain in the purest sense of the word.

For these who luxuriate in solving word puzzles on the stir along with the slither, check out Wordle at its legit web place—and don’t procure suckered in by clones on Google Play or the App Store. That is a browser game, albeit a truly minimalist and truly graceful one.

The fundamental principles are easy. Each day it be crucial to wager a contemporary word by entering 5-letter phrases into a maximum of six rows. Every time you wager a appropriate letter it exhibits up as yellow (if it’s in the contaminated speak) or green (if it’s in the particular speak).

The consume of some good judgment, vocabulary and wager-work you resolve for the Wordle word of the day. Prior to I come up with the acknowledge to at the present time’s word, I’ll come up with a speed.

Sunday, January 16th Wordle Word Of The Day

Mark: Helios charges his cell phone with any such energy.


Wordle word of the day.

Screenshot: Erik Kain

As that you would possibly maybe watch, this one took me one extra row to figure out than the day gone by’s Wordle word of the day. I bought that one in four traces, this one in 5.

I style of truly feel silly for guessing “SONAR” sooner than the particular acknowledge, “SOLAR” but now now not lower than I bought there. I used to be happy I used to be going to wager correct on line three with “SUGAR” but alas, it used to be now now not to be!

Accumulated, I’ll rob the make a selection. I most life like came across this fun itsy-bitsy word puzzler the day gone by and up to now I’m two for 2. We’ll watch if I’m succesful of preserve that up. Upright luck solving these, younger padawans!

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