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Uh-Oh, Two Miss Universe PH Candidates Allegedly *Broke The Rules* Last Night

Yesterday’s Miss Universe Philippines 2021 coronation night was *pretty exciting*, and Beatrice Luigi Gomez was crowned the winner! But here’s one aspect of the pageant we didn’t expect: according to one of the judges, some candidates broke the rules. 

In a series of Instagram Stories which were posted before the actual program started, MUP judge Dr. Vicki Belo talked about the competition and shared: “Nako, I have chismis for you. Two candidates broke the rules kanina and had their makeup done somewhere else. But I can’t tell you who they are. Pero that’s not good, breaking rules.” 

Her IG Stories were accompanied by a “chismis” GIF and a note that said “Follow the rules, everyone!” 


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Dr. Vicki also talked about how strict the safety protocols were, explaining why the judges couldn’t go up on stage to crown the winners. Her succeeding posts showed some highlights from the event. 



Pageant fans are resharing a recorded version of her Insta Stories on Twitter, joking that Dr. Vicki has replaced Sandra Lemonon as the winner of the “Spill The Tea Award.” Other hilarious reactions to her video include “Marites mode, activated” and “Not Vicky Belo being the Dispatch for this year’s MUP!” Fans are also flooding the tweet’s replies with theories, saying that their respective favorite candidates were not the rulebreakers because they did their own makeup. 

Last year, after the Miss Universe 2020 coronation night, candidate Sandra Lemonon said she would *spill tea* about the competition and added that she would not be joining any more pageants “until there is more transparency from the pageant industry.”


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