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What Other Games can Learn From Gravity Rush 2’s Flight Mechanics

Gravity Rush 2 is the last video game of its kind that sees gamers efficiently control gravity to fly, slide, as well as dash throughout deep space.

A game’s motion technicians are conveniently a few of one of the most ignored of any kind of title. Activity is the core of nearly every video game as well as can be a big consider identifying a video game’s identity. The leaping in the indie platformer Celeste specifies its legacy in an entirely various tone to the upward motion in Jump King. The bulk of video clip games hardly ever improve on activity, an outlier that damages the mold and mildew takes place as soon as in a while. Such holds true with Gravity Rush 2, a game with flying and also falling auto mechanics that made it an unforgettable experience for its gamers.

Created by Team Gravity and also published by Sony for the PlayStation 4 in 2016, Gravity Rush 2 was the follow up to 2012’s PS Vita-exclusive Gravity Rush. It is an action-adventure game with an anime-like art style and also a thorough motion system. Despite the favorable testimonials by video game reviews and also nominations for various awards, Gravity Rush 2 was the last video game launched by Team Gravity prior to its dissolution in 2020.

In Gravity Rush 2, players play as Kat, a girl with the power to adjust gravity to her own will through her feline Dusty. The game takes area in globes where humans live on drifting cities and also ships sustained by gravitational engines as well as devices.

To navigate and take a trip in the globe of Gravity Rush 2, an individual requires a gravity engine automobile. Kat is the exception to this guideline given that she can control gravity at will and select the direction of gravity.

To contribute to her gravity loss, Kat has two other movements: Gravity Slide and also Gravity Kick. The previous enables Kat to make any ground slideable, transforming any kind of surface smooth as well as sliding across it. Gravity Kick sees Kat rushing to a target and kicking them through a sped up gravity activity. This skill is often utilized offensively to attack adversaries, however it can additionally be made use of movement-wise to cross slim rooms properly.

The good news is for gamers, the world of Gravity Rush 2 flawlessly compliments Kat’s gravity-shifting motions. In addition, the top flying area is also large enabling Kat to freely and also rapidly fly from island to island. There are locations of long, open terrain fit for Gravity Slide as well as arena-like areas for opponent fights.

Throughout Gravity Rush 2, the game will certainly provide players side missions and also timed challenges that objective to familiarize gamers with gravity moving. It is recommended that players attempt to do these quests as they are the ideal method to understand the unusual yet user-friendly flying system of Gravity Rush 2.

Every once in a while, a brand-new video game that presents vibrant as well as smooth movement gets hold of the attention of players as well as garners a specialized fanbase. Like Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey, which still sees speedrunners as well as player conversations till now regardless of being 5 years old. Although Gravity Rush 2 didn’t obtain the function many felt it should have, fans still remember it as a game that did movement and also flying better than any other game in its category.

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