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Where is A Friend of the Family Filmed, TV Show Filming Locations

Written and also guided by Israel Adrián Caetano, Netflix’s ‘Togo’ is an Uruguayan police procedural film that focuses on the titular personality who works as a cars and truck assistant. Togo was a previous expert fighter whose profession was temporary because of a casualty that made it difficult for him to proceed boxing. Currently he looks after the automobiles parked in his neighborhood. Nonetheless, points take a complex kip down his life when drug traffickers try to make him and also his associates sell drugs on his lawn.

By refuting any type of involvement with them and also not enabling medication sales, Togo needs to confront the traffickers, who won’t stop at anything to obtain what they desire. The exhilarating narrative is made even more gripping by the stellar performances from a skilled ensemble cast, comprising Diego Alonso, Catalina Arrillaga, and Néstor Prieto. The unethical neighborhood where Togo functions shows the unethical company that the traffickers are associated with. Naturally, you are interested to know where ‘Togo’ was in fact fired. Well, in that case, you may be interested in what we need to share regarding the exact same!

Togo Filming Locations

‘ Togo’ was filmed totally in Uruguay, particularly in Montevideo. The major digital photography for the thriller motion picture apparently started around mid-October 2021 as well as wrapped up within a month or two, in November of the same year. Currently, without further ado, allow us follow Togo as he stands up against the drug traffickers, and also browse all the details locations that show up in the Netflix motion picture!

Montevideo, Uruguay

All the essential series for ‘Togo’ were lensed in and around Montevideo, the capital as well as biggest city of Uruguay. A majority of the exteriors were apparently taped in the Palermo community of the funding city. For firing objectives, the actors and staff participants also set up camp in Cerro de Montevideo, a hillside situated appropriate alongside the city of Montevideo and also the coast of Montevideo Bay.

Mahatma Gandhi 630, Montevideo additionally served as a noticeable production place for the Uruguayan movie. Throughout the filming routine, the filming system was spotted taping a number of vital scenes in Montevideo’s historic area of Ciudad Vieja.

Located on the north shore of the Río de la Plata, Montevideo is house to several tourist attractions, including the World Trade Center Montevideo, Telecommunications Tower, Parque Batlle, Parque Prado, Fortaleza del Cerro, and also Punta Brava Lighthouse, among others. For many years, the capital has organized the production of lots of filming projects, apart from ‘Togo.’ Some of the notable ones are ‘Children of Men,’ ‘Miami Vice,’ ‘Blindness,’ ‘Yosi, the Regretful Spy,’ as well as ‘September Mornings.’

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